Attention All Brooklyn Musicians/Artists/Performers/Bookers: 

NEVER PLAY NOR WORK WITH BARRANQUILLA STUDIOS. LOVE SPREAD just got kicked out from this depressing house venue after the owner of the house, "Janeth Ann Gonda" told us that she was offended by us making a comment about how unprofessional they run the show. Here are few of the depressing stuff both of LOVE SPREAD and our friends had to deal tonight.
1. No info regarding load-in/set times, changing around the order of performance because she wanted her band to go up on specific time.
2.The show was scheduled to start at 8 and when we showed up at the venue at 10, there was only 2, 3 people present.
3. This happened because for some reason she deleted the address/flyer from the event page, resulting 40+ of our friends (and all the other people planning to come for other acts) not being able to find the apartment (they didn't even have a sign on the door for people to indicate if they were at the right place).
4. 10min into our set, Janeth came up to me and screamed we got 10 more min to play (reminded me of that Green Day incident)
5. She ran around the house, yelling at people to collect money when there was no one present at the door(my friend ended up paying twice since she was so intimidating)
6. Telling me she was "nice enough" to let us play in front of "good crowd" during our set, and seemed to be offended, blaming us for how most of the people went out to smoke during her band's set (tbh, there was about same amount of people watching them while they started playing so I believe that's not our fault).
7. She said it was disrespectful for me to tell the crowds to come out to our better shows, which I'm 100% confident any shows/venues could be better compared to that place.

And here's a couple of stuff we got offended personally:
1. She stepped on both of LOVE SPREAD, and two of my other friends' feet, no apologies.
2. She knocked down my guitar on the floor, obviously on purpose, no apologies.
3. Harassing my other friends, forcing them to pay money as she threaten to call the cops on us while we're waiting for our uber in front of the house.

She might make an announcement about how I am the most horrible person ever, but I have to be a total douche sometimes to protect my bandmate, friends, or random strangers from people that are treating them in a way they're not supposed to.
Maybe she was intoxicated or was having a very bad day, but I have to be clear, on top of all those rapists, racists, sexists present in this Brooklyn music scene, this is just another way to kill the DIY.
If you can't do it your self, don't ever use that term.
Please share this so no other artist in this community would have to deal with this depressing place.

PS- I deeply apologize for all the audience, friends who magically made it to the show, and all the other music acts/her cool roommates if this incident made you feel uncomfortable.
To everyone who has worked with LOVE SPREAD should know that we've never get angry at anyone, so you should be able to tell how shocking this entire incident was.